Nuclear bomb coin description

We hope our token can explode like a nuclear bomb and attract the attention of the world!

In order to achieve this, we have made a long-term plan. The short-term goal is to develop a series of practical tools such as K-line map application, contract security monitoring tool and contract data tracking application to serve our token holders free of charge.

The medium-term plan is the cross chain development of tokens, and will increase marketing efforts, cooperate with the exposure of the online head exchange, and detonate the market!


The transaction volume is 6%, Marketing 2%,Burn 1%,Promotion Dividend 3%.



Diamond Hand Rreward

Nuclear bomb coins are designed to reward long-term diamond players and preachers who contribute to the promotion of tokens.


Safe & Reliable

The contract code is safe and reliable. Pinksale will lock in liquidity after the contract is officially launched. That means that your investment is absolutely safe.


Fair Launch

We have adopted a more acceptable fair launch mode. In addition to the 5% tokens that need to be dropped by air before going online, all the other 95% tokens add liquidity, and the project party does not have any reserved tokens.

Important Dates

Add Liquidity
July 6, 2022
Community Airdrop
July 7, 2022
Open Trading
July 8, 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

Fair launch, no pre-sale.
You can buy it directly on pancakeswap. pancakeswap
Please set the sliding point to be greater than 6%.